Top 5 most beautiful bird species in the world

For over a million years, birds are the successors of the great dinosaurs which roamed the planet for a time. With colourful feathers and gorgeous wingspans, birds get the love and attention people give them compared to other animal species like reptiles and insects. 

There are also birds that happen to be rarer than others. Depending on the circumstances, they are endangered. It’s unfortunate because the most beautiful birds out there happen to be the most endangered and dwindling in numbers too. 

Here, you’re going to find out which species of birds are the most beautiful and the ones you need to look out for during your next expedition. 

Hyacinth Macaw

With a tremendous wingspan and a body length of only 100 centimetres, the hyacinth macaw boasts the colours nature rarely provides. With its beautiful shade of blue that rivals that of the night sky, the hyacinth soars through the skies unseen to the naked eye. 

Aside from its large size and an impressive wingspan, this bird is famous for its yellow ring around the eye which gives it a good contrast to its overall feather coating. 

At closer inspection, you would think that this bird resembles a parrot, and you are quite correct on that. The hyacinth belongs to the family of parrots but are not as good at imitating other sounds. 

Instead, they are playful and curious creatures that wander around large bushes and trees seeking food like small cherries and insects for a feast. 


Anything blue that nature provides is a sight to see. This small blue jay is common in parts of Eastern and Central North America and is adored by many onlookers who are lucky enough to stumble across them. 

They are known for being timid creatures who can mimic the sound of other birds nearby. Bluejays get their name because of the sound they make when they chirp that resembles the sound ‘jay jay’.  

Aside from its striking blue appearance, the blue jays are also famous for their smart wits. They can steal the eggs from other birds for food and can even deceive predatory birds like hawks and eagles by mimicking the sound they make to divert their attention. 

Atlantic Puffin 

If you’ve seen the movie Happy Feet about penguins dancing, you might have seen this strange yet beautiful bird. The Atlantic Puffin is quite small and a very well-adapted sea bird that can be found across the coastlines of North America and Eastern Canada. 

They may appear to resemble penguins, but unlike those flightless birds, the Atlantic Puffin can actually fly to great heights. 

What’s amazing about them as well is their ability to swim underwater and submerge deep sea for a relatively long period of time. This is how they catch their food which swims across the depths of the Atlantic oceans. 

What nobody can dispute, however, is its amazing look and colourful bill which attracts a lot of attention when tourists gather around the Atlantic coastlines to see this marvellous bird. 


When it comes to beauty, most cultures consider the peacock as the symbol of beauty and grandeur. Especially in India, the peacock’s feathers are sprinkled around the fabrics of most fashion apparel that people wear on a daily basis. 

The male peacock, in particular, is the one having beautiful feathers that resemble eyes that sparkle across the heat of the sunlight. These amazing birds have shiny feathers that glisten everywhere they go. 

The reason for their amazing feathers is courtship. Around mating season, the male peacock will attempt to display their beautiful feathers around female peacocks in the hopes of mating and laying eggs for more peacocks. 

Golden Pheasant 

When it comes to beautiful birds, pheasants don’t usually make conversation. However, the golden pheasant is a different breed entirely wherein the gold feathers are their main attribute. 

The golden pheasant has a beautiful wingspan that displays gold colours of every shade. When seen from afar, they can look orange which is perfect if they fly across the sunset. 

Pheasants aren’t particularly big birds, but when they stretch their wings, you can see how elegant their poise really is. They can be found in the central woodlands of western and central China and the male pheasants are considered larger than their female counterparts. 

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