5 things to consider before buying a birdhouse

As you’re starting as a pigeon racer/breeder, have a birdhouse for them to keep them safe and comfortable before any big matches. However, with countless birdhouses out in the market, it’s difficult to choose which one you should purchase.

Fortunately, we at Team Grove and Pienaar have prepared this guide of 5 considerations to help you see what you should be looking for in a birdhouse. So keep on reading and have your pigeons feel relaxed today!

Size and number of the birds

Before buying a birdhouse, you must first consider who will be living in it. This is because as the solace of birds, it’s best that their homes feel comfortable. They need to be able to freely fly in it and generally roam around with all the other birds. 

With this in mind, the birdhouse must then be big enough for the birds residing inside. So if you have a whole host of racing pigeons, you’ll need a larger birdhouse. This allows them to not only to feel comfortable flying, but it also keeps conflict away from all the other birds. 

Style of the birdhouse

Though the birdhouse you see in the store looks pretty, it may not be ideal for the birds. This is because with these homes looking well carved by machines or sculptors, it no longer looks natural. With your pigeons valuing the feeling of a naturalistic, safe space similar to the forests, they won’t feel comfortable in these high-quality birdhouses.

So always opt for the simplest birdhouses you can find and place within it some twigs, leaves, rock and various other materials you can use to emulate nature as much as possible.


Aside from the overall design, safety is also a must. Since there are countless animals out there wanting to prey on your pigeons, take the time to ensure the birdhouse is as safe as possible. 

Firstly, have an opening where the diameter is big enough for the birds to enter, while small enough to not let animals such as cats or squirrels to enter inside. Next, remove any possible places for these larger animals to latch on to such as small, wooden perches.


At the end of the day, budget is the most important thing you need to consider. This is because a certain birdhouse may have incredible benefits, but if it’s going to cause financial issues on your end, it’s not going to be worth it. 

Meanwhile, refrain from buying birdhouses that are too cheap. This is because this extremely low price may mean it’s a low quality-built house or that it cannot accommodate your pigeons properly. 

So as a compromise, it’s always best to purchase a birdhouse that fits only all your needs, while also being affordable enough not to break the bank.  

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