5 ways to breed better racing pigeons

Creating new generations of competition pigeons can be hard to do especially if you’re a novice player. Fortunately, we can guide you through the process in this 5-point guide! So keep on reading this Team Grove and Pienaar guide to learn more.

Create better environments for them

For the pigeons to breed more winning offspring for you, they need to feel comfortable and safe. So when you’re creating a home for them, they should be natural, big enough for the pigeons to move around, and most importantly, as far away from predators and other animals as possible. 

In doing so, the pigeons will then be encouraged to breed more since they’ll feel happy and safe roaming around inside their little home. So take the time to have a full understanding of different birdhouses and how they can keep your pigeons safe everyday.

Give them proper diets

The best way to ensure pigeons are healthy is if they’re on a nutritious diet. After all, with food being the resource of all living things, what you use will greatly define your pigeons’ health and by extension, their health.

When creating a diet for your racing pigeons, be sure it consists of a well-balanced diet filled with pellets, seeds, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to also consider giving them supplements and multivitamins to ensure they’re not just healthy, but they’re incredibly strong, too. 

Once they are, good genes will be passed through one another and you’ll be given some incredible avian offspring once the time comes.

Allow them to pair up

Though you’d like to control the pairings, especially if certain members of your pigeon team have great characteristics, forcing them to breed is not ideal. This is because pigeons prefer to discover who they want to partner up with to encourage them to breed. 

Additionally, if you’d like to ensure that your pigeons stay strong during competitions, it’s essential that you bring their partners along for the journey as the competition begins. Once the other feels like their partner is always there for them, they’d even be more likely to breed good baby pigeons.

Learn about the different types of breeding

If you’re an inexperienced racing pigeon breeder, forcing the pigeons to undergo certain breeding times is not ideal. This is because every kind of breeding always leads to a certain type of offspring to be born. 

For example, if you cross-bred pigeons, you’d create a new species of pigeon that have vastly dynamic and unpredictable results. Thus giving you new pigeons that have unique characteristics other breeders are unprepared for. 

Let them breed on their own

You may want your pigeons to start procreating today, but if the pigeons don’t want to yet, don’t force them to. This is because if the couples within the cage are yet to feel comfortable with breeding and you forced them to, you may cause the creation of weaker pigeons.

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