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Welcome to Team Grove and Pienaar, where we make birds soar high! For the past 7 years, our blog has been dedicated to giving all our readers learn how they can grow their racing pigeons. With the pigeon racing hobby being niche, searching for pigeon developing tips can be challenging. Our team has had this difficulty when we were still novice pigeon racers. 

Wanting to give people the resources we didn’t have, we started this blog in partnership with some local experts. As we got more tips from these racer experts, we began to grow our blogs and eventually, readers as more and more people got the necessary information needed to help them grow their pigeon hobby. 

Since readers like you consistently give us the viewership we need, we are humbled that you’ve found all our content helpful to you! Though we have on our team some of the most talented writers and pigeon racing experts, talent alone is not the reason why we can help you. For in reality, it’s because of our mission and vision statements and the core values that drive us. 


  • A centre of pigeon racing where people can all learn all about and improve on their knowledge of the topic. 
  • Delivery excellent quality blogs on a daily basis. 
  • To give our team members the love, support and opportunity they need to grow their abilities. 


A leading pigeon racing blog that gives high-quality blogs on a daily basis to millions of pigeon racers all over the globe. 

Core values

Without these core values, both these mission and vision statements will not be a reality. That’s why we’ve prepared the following core values below to help us out every day. 


As mentioned above, pigeon racing is an incredibly niche topic to talk about. To give you all the necessary information and get the tips that you need, we assure you that all the information that you need is there. By being relevant, we’re giving you everything that you need to help and grow your pigeons into becoming the best championship birds around. 


We believe that everyone deserves the information we have. After all, information is the right of all people and readers. That’s why our daily articles are readily available to you in a language that you’re familiar with. So whenever you visit us, simply click the ‘Change Language’ tab to have the translation. 


Our Quality Assurance experts are always there to check out all our works. After all, there’s a lot of information that needs to be thoroughly checked to make sure that it’s still relevant and updated. In the world of competition, this is important since the wrong information can become a huge problem and cause you to become a failure.