Beaufort West Union winner

Our team was blessed by winning the union’s longest race for 2019.

He is a double club winner and missed a union win from Richmond by 40 seconds. Superb racer.

His sire is a grandson of the Tom Lock R80k cock and his mother is an Einkamerer Houben / Sierens. They are a proven pair. We sold the sire to Hennie, our flying partner, last year on our stock clearance sale. Just shows that old pigeons can still breed good babies 😉

Sire – grandson R80k Tom Lock (Fire & Ice)
Dam – Einkamerer Houben / Sierens (Dreamgiver)

Son Mortimer – Tom Lock 13/16

I handled the “old toppie” the past weekend. He is still handling well for his age (17 years)

Hopefully we will be able to breed a few out of him this year again. He was still fertile last season at the age of 16 years.

Noupoort union winner

Our team was blessed with another union win for the 2019 season. This time it was on the old bird race from Noupoort (630km – 1700+ pigeons – 1100mpm).

She was bred by our partner, Hennie, and is a double club and division winner this year.

Well done girl!

Aliwal North Union win

Our team was blessed by winning the union youngbird race the past weekend. The winner is directly bred out of our SUMO click pair. He is thus a half brother to the “GPU hen”.

His achievement is remarkable because he scored 1st club, 1st division, 1st union, 2nd Gauteng combine (8000+ pigeons) in a tough race.

This was not his first score. Thus far he has flown 1,1,2,4,9 club. Basketed 5 times and scored 5 times top 10 club.

We are very proud of him.

Third OVRF win for Lindley

Lindley Posduifklub got their third win in the OVRF the past weekend. This time it was a headwind race over 650km.

Callie Grove won the Three Sisters YB race with a velocity of 1210mpm.

We were fortunate enough to have bred the winner. She was bred in our race loft out of a Xalbador cock mated to a Tom Lock 13/16 hen.

Well done!

Lindley Posduifklub gets a turn in the OVRF

The past weekend the OVRF raced from Prieska. Both races were won by members of the Lindley Posduifklub. Thomas Uys won the youngbird race and Callie Grove the open race. Well done guys!

Below is Callie with his open winner. It’s a pure Tom Lock pigeon. The pigeon’s father is 17 years old this year! He is from the 13/16 line and was a gift from Peet Germishuizen. “Oud maar nog nie koud”

“Skaam” cock

The “skaam” cock as we call him, has made a big impact on our racing loft. He was on loan from Peet Germishuizen for a breeding season a few years ago. His offspring has performed amazingly well for us.

They are clever pigeons that can fly the shortest route home. Staying in a less favourable spot in the union, we have clocked his children and grandchildren with minutes lead a few times. The question this raised was – “If they can do it, where were the loftmates?”. Food for thought.

We moved his children to the stock loft and crosses with various of our breeders are performing brilliantly. The SUMO line crosses very well with his progeny.

Tom Lock / Sierens Oscar / Putterie / Clausing.

His name has an interesting story… When we got him on loan, he refused to mate with his hen. He sat for weeks just staring at her. As a result we called him “skaam” which means shy. And the name stuck.

We salute you “Skamie”.

Our Sumo family continues to impress

Descendants of our SUMO family of pigeons continue to win for various fanciers.

One of the characteristics of having a “family” of pigeons is to breed winners down the generations including closely related to each other.

The SUMOs are proving that they can transfer their winning genes to the next generations. This makes us very proud.

So… the “GPU hen” can breed winners…

It recently came to our attention that the famous “GPU hen”, that was bred by us, has also bred winners (club and organisation).

Some of her grandchildren were recently auctioned online for R11 500 and R7 500 respectively.

This family of pigeons has made a huge impact on our loft. The past weekend we raced 1,2 club (5,6 union) with very closely related pigeons.

The “GPU hen” sire and dam below.