WCPTA winners

WCPTA winners bred by us and raced by Ian Adriaanse.

The WCPTA is an association in the Western Cape, releasing thousands of pigeons per weekend. Some of the strongest competition in the country.


LOT 54. What a cracker! She raced as follows in the UNION (1000 – 1500 pigeons per race)

2nd – 471km – 1193MPM
2nd – 505km – 1357MPM
4th – 582km – 1628MPM
7th – 277km – 1313MPM
17th – 660km – 1082MPM
53rd – 708km – 1433MPM
64th – 273km – 1457MPM

She was raced sparingly and then moved to the stock loft.

There she immediately clicked with LOT 48 and in one season produced the following positions in the club:

A young hen with a great future.


One of those special races

One of those races you never forget. A tough Hanover – 1061mpm – 650km. Only 8 day birds in the Union out of 1483 pigeons. We had 3 home of the 8! And that was out of 10 we basketed. A very good effort by the team.

The lines we clocked that day were our Tom Lock 13/16 and SUMO lines. A SUMO clocked first for Xalbador/CX Hokke the next morning scoring 14th Union as well.

“42” – Full brother GPU Hen – Lot 48

LOT 48. Best middle distance pigeon Union 2018. 
Full brother to the GPU hen sold for R175 000. He is one of only four pigeons ever bred this way. A true banker. 
In his first year in the stock loft he immediately proved his worth by producing a double winner that also scored 3x TOP 15 UNION. 
This cock will produce many more ace pigeons and winners. He is a perfect handler with the pedigree to match. 
His children scored in one season as follows: 1,1,2,3,3,3,9,9,11,12,15,15,16,18,21,24,27.


Auction update

We are busy editing the photos and creating pedigrees for our planned auction on 16 June 2020.

Lots will be loaded for viewing in the next week or so. We will keep you posted.