Middle and long

Two of our bankers of 2018.

Cock on the left is a SUMO – full brother GPU hen – he raced exceptionally well on the middle distance races and ended best bird club and union middle distance.

The hen is a Tom Lock / Putterie / Clausing that raced superbly on the long distance races. We stopped racing her when she was still in the top 3 best birds union long distance due to the risk of losing her – not worth it. She finished as 6th best long distance pigeon in the union.



Mother to the GPU hen (5x winner – SANPO gold middle distance).

Mother to 2018 2nd best middle distance pigeon GPU.

She herself was 2nd best YB union in her day.

Currently she is mated to a young cock that is related on mother side. Breeding back to the Tom Lock 13/16 line.