“Skaam” cock

The “skaam” cock as we call him, has made a big impact on our racing loft. He was on loan from Peet Germishuizen for a breeding season a few years ago. His offspring has performed amazingly well for us.

They are clever pigeons that can fly the shortest route home. Staying in a less favourable spot in the union, we have clocked his children and grandchildren with minutes lead a few times. The question this raised was – “If they can do it, where were the loftmates?”. Food for thought.

We moved his children to the stock loft and crosses with various of our breeders are performing brilliantly. The SUMO line crosses very well with his progeny.

Tom Lock / Sierens Oscar / Putterie / Clausing.

His name has an interesting story… When we got him on loan, he refused to mate with his hen. He sat for weeks just staring at her. As a result we called him “skaam” which means shy. And the name stuck.

We salute you “Skamie”.

Salmonella test kits – “Greatest thing since sliced bread”

Last weekend we tried the Salmonella (Paratyphoid) home test kit for the first time. It’s really easy to use and you have a result in 10 minutes.

We did a combined sample test on our loft and it came out negative (phew…! 🙂 ). Doing this regularly will help to minimise “shooting in the dark”. It’s better to know what’s wrong and treat accordingly.

The kits are available locally from Medpet and it’s very economical.


SUMO middle distance aces

2018 GPU best old bird middle distance

2016 SANPO gold medal winner middle distance (‘GPU hen’ – 5x winner)

2013 GPU 3rd best old bird middle distance (also best old bird overall union 2014!). Winner

2014 GPU 2nd best bird middle distance (old and young birds combined). 2x winner

Middle and long

Two of our bankers of 2018.

Cock on the left is a SUMO – full brother GPU hen – he raced exceptionally well on the middle distance races and ended best bird club and union middle distance.

The hen is a Tom Lock / Putterie / Clausing that raced superbly on the long distance races. We stopped racing her when she was still in the top 3 best birds union long distance due to the risk of losing her – not worth it. She finished as 6th best long distance pigeon in the union.