LOT 48

04742 ZA 16 GPU


LOT 48. Best middle distance pigeon Union 2018.
Full brother to the GPU hen sold for R175 000. He is one of only four pigeons ever bred this way. A true banker.
In his first year in the stock loft he immediately proved his worth by producing a double winner that also scored 3x TOP 15 UNION.
This cock will produce many more ace pigeons and winners. He is a perfect handler with the pedigree to match.
His children scored in one season as follows: 1,1,2,3,3,3,9,9,11,12,15,15,16,18,21,24,27.
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The "GPU hen" story
As a test pair, I mated our number one breeding cock (the SUMO click cock) to his "click" hen's full sister. A very latebred baby hatched from this mating - ZA GPU 15781 '14 .
The moulting season passed and time for training arrived. Roadwork started and ZA GPU 15781 '14 was lost from a training flight. Well maybe the pairing was no good then...
We however received a call from Cedric McDermott from Randburg. The baby has strayed to his loft.
We gave him permission to keep the pigeon. He did not race her in 2015.
She was only raced in 2016. And as they say "the rest is history". She turned out to be a 5X club winner. TRPF winner. Best bird Club, Division, TRPF, Gauteng Combine. Also SANPO Gold medal winner middle distance 2016. Silver medal winner overall best bird SANPO 2016.
The "GPU hen" was later auctioned online for a whopping R175 000!
After this we mated the pair again for two rounds. One round only produced one baby and the other round two babies. One was gifted to a friend. The other two were raced - lot 11 and lot 48 on our auction. So in total only four pigeons EVER bred this way.
4742 (lot 48) turned out to be best middle distance union 2018 and in his first season produced a double winner. 4744 (lot 11) also raced very consistently after having to recover from a very bad wire accident.
Pigeons that gave us so much pleasure! We salute you.

Upcoming click pairs on our auction

In recent years we have been breeding to replace our old reliable breeders. Great progress have been made in this regard.

I will highlight a few pairs that have already shown their class in only one breeding season together.

Lot 48 paired with Lot 54.

Lot 48 is full brother to the "GPU Hen" - SUMO - Best middle distance Union 2018

Lot 54 is a Putterie/Tom Lock/Clausing. Daughter "Skaam cock". Twice second union. Scored 4x TOP 10 UNION. 5 x TOP 20 UNION. A super star.

They bred 4 babies and all 4 of them completed the season and scored top 3 positions.

They (LOT 25, LOT 31, LOT 32, LOT 36) scored the following positions (ordered by distance) :

3rd -229km - 1285mpm
15rd - 229km - 1333mpm
9th - 273km - 1238mpm
16th - 273km - 1242mpm
2nd - 273km - 1571mpm
18th - 273km - 1458mpm
15th - 383km - 1343mpm
1st - 395km - 1437mpm
12th - 395km - 1322mpm
1st - 465km - 1258mpm
5th - 465km - 1236mpm
19th - 582km - 1135mpm
24th - 582km - 1118mpm
30th - 651km - 1259mpm
9th - 659km - 1182mpm
2nd - 659km - 848mpm
27th - 699km - 1072mpm
3rd - 708km - 1344mpm
3rd - 708km - 1382mpm
11th - 755km - 1702mpm
21th - 814km - 1037mpm

How’s that for a first season of breeding?

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