Thank you to all the winning bidders and under bidders on our auction!

We had a blessed auction with a great turnover.

Many thanks to Hein Beneke and the toppigeon team for cutting edge presentation and professional service.

May all the buyers have as much pleasure out of our pigeons as we did!

Upcoming Click pair 3

Upcoming click pair 3

Lot 43 mated with Lot 40

Lot 43 is a Tom Lock 13/16 out of a click pair himself. He has bred many winners including WCPTA winner. He is also brother to multiple organisation winners including WCPTA, OVRF, GPU, NFS etc. He is unfortunately getting older now.

Lot 40 is a gem bred out of the SUMO click cock mated with his daughter for stock. Inbred SUMO. Excellent cross material.

We bred 3 babies and raced them in 2019. All three raced very well and completed the season.

One of them was the best long distance pigeon in the division (40 members).

They love the distance races as can be seen below:
20th – 273km – 1458mpm
11th – 383km – 1347mpm
27th – 383km – 1357mpm
4th – 465km – 1237mpm
7th – 465km – 1234mpm
16th – 483km – 1854mpm
4th – 582km – 1177mpm
2th – 631km – 1061mpm
1st – 631km – 1082mpm
24th – 651km – 1286mpm
2nd – 659km – 1210mpm
8th – 659km – 1173mpm
25th – 659km – 653mpm
4th – 659km – 777mpm
7th – 699km – 1108mpm
12th – 708km – 1326mpm
2nd – 814km – 1281mpm

Children on sale are Lot 9, Lot 34 and Lot 55.


Upcoming click pair 2

Upcoming click pair 2

Lot 20 paired with lot 49 produced in one season at stock the best young pigeon in the division (+- 40 members) and club (16 members).

Lot 20 is an inbred SUMO – Click cock mated to his mother.

Lot 49 is Zorro 2, an exceptional racer and winner out of the “Skaam” cock mated to a SUMO hen.

Their babies have exceptional homing ability – one of them flew back from a friend that lives 17km from us. He was weaned at 30 days age and soaped. A few days after being opened at the friend’s house, he decided that he’s going home. As a baby this was quite impressive. His nestmate scored very well for our friend.

We raced two out of the pair and they were very consistent. Both completed the season. One was unfortunately killed by our dog that got access to the loft, after the season.

Their offspring raced (ordered by distance) :
3rd – 273km – 1264mpm
4th – 273km – 1524mpm
25th – 276km – 1226mpm
3rd – 383km – 1387mpm
15th – 395km – 1314mpm
5th – 397km – 1376mpm
5th – 483km – 1886mpm
4th – 512km – 1217mpm
13rd – 512km – 1172mpm
22nd – 631km – 997mpm
14th – 631km – 1019mpm
10th – 659km – 1170mpm
23rd – 659km – 634mpm
26th – 699km – 1061mpm
6th – 699km – 1114mpm
25th – 868km – 1276mpm

I am confident that this pair will produce many more excellent racers.

Two of their babies on auction – lot 29 (best young pigeon division 2019), and lot 50 (2019 baby)

Currently on auction closing on the 16th June :

Full auction info at:

Upcoming click pairs

Upcoming click pairs on our auction

In recent years we have been breeding to replace our old reliable breeders. Great progress have been made in this regard.

I will highlight a few pairs that have already shown their class in only one breeding season together.

Lot 48 paired with Lot 54.

Lot 48 is full brother to the “GPU Hen” – SUMO – Best middle distance Union 2018

Lot 54 is a Putterie/Tom Lock/Clausing. Daughter “Skaam cock”. Twice second union. Scored 4x TOP 10 UNION. 5 x TOP 20 UNION. A super star.

They bred 4 babies and all 4 of them completed the season and scored top 3 positions.

They (LOT 25, LOT 31, LOT 32, LOT 36) scored the following positions (ordered by distance) :

3rd – 229km – 1285mpm
15rd – 229km – 1333mpm
9th – 273km – 1238mpm
16th – 273km – 1242mpm
2nd – 273km – 1571mpm
18th – 273km – 1458mpm
15th – 383km – 1343mpm
1st – 395km – 1437mpm
12th – 395km – 1322mpm
1st – 465km – 1258mpm
5th – 465km – 1236mpm
19th – 582km – 1135mpm
24th – 582km – 1118mpm
30th – 651km – 1259mpm
9th – 659km – 1182mpm
2nd – 659km – 848mpm
27th – 699km – 1072mpm
3rd – 708km – 1344mpm
3rd – 708km – 1382mpm
11th – 755km – 1702mpm
21th – 814km – 1037mpm

How’s that for a first season of breeding?

If you want a shortcut to success – DO NOT MISS THIS MATING.

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SUMOS – Short / Middle / Long

We have had a few enquiries about our SUMO family’s racing abilities. The distance and velocities that they perform at.

I did a quick analysis and used the SANPO best bird standards as the guideline.

Short distance – 100 km – 500km
Middle distance – 450 km – 650 km
Long distance – 600 km – 1000 km

The stats of the SUMO family 1st and 2nd generation pigeons for TOP 3 club positions, in our loft only – using available data, are as follows:

Podium positions

They have won on any velocity but they were at their best when it got a bit tougher with velocities < 1250mpm.

As can be seen a truly allround family of pigeons.

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