End of a chapter

We are in the process of immigrating to Australia.

This was our last year racing in South Africa. All our breeders and the best racers will be sold on auction some time next year. We only kept the best to be auctioned.

Our current breeding loft consists of only 12 pairs. We kept about 20 racers of which some will probably not make the auction list either.

The backbone of our loft consists of two main families – the Tom Lock 13/16 & R80 000, and the SUMO (Van Engela x Lock) line. These pigeons perform everywhere they go and are responsible for numerous organisation winners and best birds. They also set the still standing record of 4 consecutive years GPU Youngbird champion.

Our pigeons have proven to compete at the highest level. The “GPU hen” was bred by us and won SANPO Gold. Another SUMO hen would have won SANPO silver if nominated. They can deliver. No question about it.

Updates to follow on the pigeons going on auction.

Mortimer 13/16 Locks keep on delivering

We got excellent feedback from Hendrik Kaltwasser the past weekend. He reported that a pair of pigeons we gifted him has bred 3 double winners the past two seasons. Another baby won the union R200 ring nomination race for him. Well done Hendrik!

The pigeons are descendants of our Tom Lock 13/16 Mortimer line.

2019 Season Summary

Our team had a very good season of racing.

Our pigeons achieved:

21 club wins (16 members)

15 Division wins (38 members)

3 Union wins (137 members)

Club champion (middle, long, overall, youngbirds, old birds, combined)

Division champion (short, middle, long, overall, youngbirds, old birds, combined)


Beaufort West Union winner

Our team was blessed by winning the union’s longest race for 2019.

He is a double club winner and missed a union win from Richmond by 40 seconds. Superb racer.

His sire is a grandson of the Tom Lock R80k cock and his mother is an Einkamerer Houben / Sierens. They are a proven pair. We sold the sire to Hennie, our flying partner, last year on our stock clearance sale. Just shows that old pigeons can still breed good babies 😉

Sire – grandson R80k Tom Lock (Fire & Ice)
Dam – Einkamerer Houben / Sierens (Dreamgiver)