Noupoort union winner

Our team was blessed with another union win for the 2019 season. This time it was on the old bird race from Noupoort (630km – 1700+ pigeons – 1100mpm).

She was bred by our partner, Hennie, and is a double club and division winner this year.

Well done girl!

Aliwal North Union win

Our team was blessed by winning the union youngbird race the past weekend. The winner is directly bred out of our SUMO click pair. He is thus a half brother to the “GPU hen”.

His achievement is remarkable because he scored 1st club, 1st division, 1st union, 2nd Gauteng combine (8000+ pigeons) in a tough race.

This was not his first score. Thus far he has flown 1,1,2,4,9 club. Basketed 5 times and scored 5 times top 10 club.

We are very proud of him.