A blessed and enjoyable season to all!

This weekend is the start to many fanciers’ 2018 racing season. Goals are set and preparation is done.

Our wish is for each and every one to have a blessed and enjoyable season.

Enjoy the basketing. Enjoy the wait. Enjoy the arrival. Respect your pigeons.

Only after that focus on the results. Do not let the results overshadow the joy at the loft.

Let’s race!

Auction concluded

A big thank you to all who supported our first online auction.  We are confident that your purchases will give you plenty rewards.

Now we can focus on the racing season ahead… just more than a week to go before race 1!

Wishing everybody a blessed and successful season ahead. What a privilege to work with these marvellous creatures!

Auction of proven stock

Our breeding loft has reached the point where the next generation stock should take over the breeding duties. As a result we have selected a few proven stock pigeons to be auctioned online.

The auction will run until 22 May 2018. Check it out @ www.pbid.co.za