Brakpan fundraiser auction

Some top genetics will be on auction from tomorrow 14/02/2018 on the pigeon bid website (

Please support Brakpan club in this endeavour to raise funds.

Old racing loft brought back to life

After our move to our new premises we did not erect our previous race loft.

The need to test new pairings made us decide to erect the old loft again. This is the loft that we won the union averages out of in 2014. Also the loft that won the union YB averages for 4 consecutive seasons (2011-2014).

Living in an open area will off course influence the effectiveness of the loft. Previously it was in a built up area with some protection against the elements (as above pic demonstrates)

Now it’s in an open area with little protection. Time will tell what changes are needed to the design.

Below are the pics of the erection process… some finishing touches are still needed.