Zorro 2 — 100% hit rate thus far

She has scored top 100 union in all 4 the races that she was entered into this season. Average of 1700 pigeons per race.

  • GREAT Result –  99th GPU Theunissen
  • GREAT Result – 93rd GPU Winburg 2 
  • SUPER Result – 18th GPU Winburg 4
  • SUPER Result – 16th GPU Dewetsdorp

Tom Lock / Clausing / Putterie x SUMO


One of our kids’ bankers last year. Club winner. He scored 2nd union by 15 seconds for Dragon Riders 2016. Put to stock after our move – not worth the risk to loose him relocating.

Mated to his mother for stock. His father is a SUMO (best bird union 2014). Mother is a Tom Lock 13/16 (Son Mortimer x Peet Hartman click pair)

Nice feedback

The past weekend was a good one for the Grove pigeons. Birds bred by us or offspring from our pigeons clocked first at 8 different lofts.

Always nice to get such feedback.