Xalbador Invitation Race 2017

Team Grove & Pienaar invite you to take part in the 2017 invitational race.

This is a fundraising initiative by us where the entrants have a chance to win spot prizes. To make it even more interesting Xalbador and Grove Lofts are each donating a baby out of some of their best bloodlines.

This is how it is going to work:

  1. You enter the challenge at R250.00 per entry
  2. A randomly picked pigeon will be allocated to you out of our race team – young birds only
  3. You will be advised of your allocated entry before the race
  4. The race will be on Saturday 20 May 2017 from Ventersburg
  5. First entered pigeon to clock will win R4000.00. Pigeon clocked at position 20 and 40 will win R1500.00 each
  6. A lucky draw will be done for two babies – one each to two lucky winners. Xalbador has donated a baby out of his Clausing ‘Moonwalk’ lines. More info on the Grove Lofts baby below
  7. A minimum of 30 entries is needed for the challenge to be viable
  8. A maximum of 70 entries will be allowed
  9. Enter by sending an email to duifielief@gmail.com or grovelofts@gmail.com
  10. Entries close Friday 19 May at 20:00

Grove Lofts baby info:

We are pairing our number one stock cock (SUMO) to his best daughter for stock. The hen scored 15 union positions in her racing career. Best being 2nd union (4th bakkie race). One baby out of this pairing will be donated for the lucky draw. We do not have better blood than this in our loft.

The SUMO family has done exceptionally well for us and other fanciers. The results are too numerous to list. The baby donated will be half brother/sister to SANPO Gold medal winner middle distance 2016 and SANPO silver medal winner overall 2016. Other half brother/sisters have been best birds union etc. etc.

A chance to obtain a pigeon that will not be for sale in the market.

Example pedigree: