New loft – New babies – New hope for 2017!

We have completed our new loft and have weaned 30 babies into the new loft.

If all goes according to plan we want to give this batch of babies some road training in January when they are at least 100 days old. A good indication of when they are old enough for roadwork is when their eyes have changed from the ‘baby grey’ to the permanent colourful pigmentation.

The loft design is quite different from our previous loft. It is much more exposed to the elements at the new site. To cater for a more flexible and controllable environment we fitted louvres to the front of the loft. The louvres allow us to control the airflow and keep wetness out. Thus we can open them completely to give a full open front or close them to protect the pigeons from heavy wind and rain. The new season will tell whether this design was a success or not…

Another challenge at the new site is predators like ‘muskeljaatkat’ and the likes. We subsequently closed all holes that would allow access for these guests with wire mesh.


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