Colesberg – a good race for the team

The past weekend the liberation was scheduled for Victoria West. Snow and extreme weather conditions forced the liberation back to Colesberg.

It was a fast paced race with velocity of 1630mpm+.

Our kids (Flying Sparks and Team Thunder) dropped two pigeons together – one each. They achieved 1st and 2nd union – well done!

The winner is a Sierens/Reynaert/Tom Lock/Germishuizen. More info on the union winner’s parents can be found by clicking on below links

Union winner’s mother

Union winner’s father

Second position is a Clausing/SUMO cross.

Second union mother

Second union father

Both these pigeons have performed well this year.

Cradock union winner

Cradock saw our team’s first union since the inception of our partnership. What a tough one to win!

The union winner by 29 minutes is a Tom Lock 13/16 cock. His siblings has in the past also done well for us and other fanciers – winning the WCPTA R1000 race for Ian Adriaanse and also the Union Derby for Grove hokke. Thankful for the blessing.


A blessed and enjoyable season to all!

This weekend is the start to many fanciers’ 2018 racing season. Goals are set and preparation is done.

Our wish is for each and every one to have a blessed and enjoyable season.

Enjoy the basketing. Enjoy the wait. Enjoy the arrival. Respect your pigeons.

Only after that focus on the results. Do not let the results overshadow the joy at the loft.

Let’s race!